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The Setup

We will come down and set everything up for you. This should take no longer than 15-30 minutes (depending on the size of the venue).

The Users

Once everything has been setup all you need now is users! All your customers need to do is login to your new Wifi access point and they will automatically be given access to freely browse the web.

The Data

When you start to get your customers using your Wifi you will be able to login and see all the data that has been gathered from the customers.

Am I locked into a contract?

Absolutely NOT! You can cancel anytime you like but we do ask for the WiFiX box to be returned.

What happens if the WiFiX box is damaged?

If the box is broken or damaged we will require another payment of £75 to cover getting someone to come and setup another one for you. However if the WiFiX box is faulty then we will come and swap it for a brand new one at no extra cost.

Can I access the data anytime?

Yes! You can login to the client dashboard at anytime to export data, change settings or pay an invoice.

Can I use the data with MailChimp and other email marketing companies?

Yes! You have an option to export all your data directly from the client dashboard. You can also add your MailChimp API key to your account from the settings page in the client dashboard, this will automatically enter your customers into your MailChimp lists when they login.

Is the data kept secure?

Keeping your customers data secure is our highest priority and we take every step in making sure it remains safe.

Do you have a free trial option?

We can offer a 1-2 week trial depending on your business. If this is something you would be interested in please get in touch.

Are you ready to join the future?